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My passion has always been to take care of others. Either through my years in healthcare or as a baker sharing love through delicious treats. I bake unique, one-of-a-kind, custom-made cakes, and cupcakes, that taste amazing and help create special life-long memories. My passion for baking specialty cakes started when I got a chance to bake cakes for children in homeless shelters, foster care, and group homes. It allowed me an opportunity to change someone’s life through food and let them know they are loved and cared for. I want to continue that process in every cake I make. I am an award-winning baker who looks forward to creating a special cake with you.

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Your Purchase Helps Support Cake 4 Kids!

I have been supporting Cake4Kids for the last 10 years. Specialty birthday cakes are provided to underserved children. They may be in group homes, at a domestic violence or human trafficking shelter, in low-income housing with or without a parent, or even homeless. We aim to raise their self-esteem and confidence with a seemingly simple gift on their special day. 

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